United PetSafe Delivery ($99)

Shipping HedgeHogs with United Airlines PetSafe Program is fast and convenient. You will receive your hedgehog baby within a few hours at your local airport. Your HedgeHog will arrive in a small animal shipping crate with bedding, food and water.


Shipping HedgeHogs with United PetSafe

HedgeHog Shipping

With United PetSafe

Shipping HedgeHogs with United Airlines PetSafe Program is fast and convenient.

HedgeHog Transport

Shipping Fee $99

For a Safe Plane Trip

Your HedgeHog will travel in a small animal carrier with bedding, food and water.

Shipping Multiple HedgeHogs

Shipping Multiple Hedgies

No extra Delivery Fee

With United PetSafe we can ship up to 3 HedgeHog Babies with no extra Delivery Fee.

Where are Hedgehogs Illegal to Keep?

States that do not allow hedgehogs as pets are: California, Fairfax County in Virginia, Georgia, Hawaii, Maine, New York City, NY., and Pennsylvania. We do not sell or ship hedgehogs to any of the states listed above.


HedgeHog Delivery Fee

$99 Same Day Delivery


We don’t offer ground delivery for our hedgehogs.

It is not possible to deliver mammals of any kind with the US Postal Service, UPS, FedEx, or any other similar shipping company – this is a federal USDA law.

We also don’t use any ground pet transportation companies. For the most part, the hedgehogs are put in minivans or similar vehicles that are packed with other dogs and cats or birds that are barking and meowing which is stressful for a hedgehog as well as for all other animals in the vehicle. These pet transporters are on the road for several days, dropping off their animal load and receiving new animals on their way. They have to stop many times to take dogs potty or to feed and water them, clean their cages etc.